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SHELF Goes West!

3 Days of Food Finds & Trends at Expo West 2019

The Shelf squad hit the expo halls for searching for the latest trends in food, packaging, booths and more. Equipped with uniquely different palates, dietary restrictions and personalities, we spent three days eating our way through Expo West. Here’s a few of our foodie finds.

Keto On-The-Go

As a new follower of the Keto diet, our strategist was trying to limit her carb intake to 30 grams a day, which can be challenging at an expo filled with food samples. Lucky for her, Keto was trending hard. We saw a handful of brands are embracing Keto in their brand name – banking on the trend taking off:

Kalifornia Keto handed out delicious low-carb cookies made from their mixes and Kissmyketo provides supplements to support Keto dieters and a 4-pack of tasty low-carb chocolate bars.

Our client FishPeople featured their 4 flavors of salmon jerky at Expo West. Our strategist says that this jerky is a go-to snack while on Keto, because it has only 4g carbs per serving- and is addictively delicious.

Fun Water

After this expo, we’ll only be drinking fun water from now on. We must have seen at least fifty different types of water, although we’re sure there were more exhibiting. These are a few we could all agree on.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water. Refreshing and eco-friendly with a groovy interactive booth display. Hands down our pick for the BEST branded jumpsuit.

Blume Honey Water. Super hydrating water made with 100% bee friendly honey.

Bubbly Rosewater. A first for us but super refreshing and made us feel like true ladies.

Rethink Water. Fresh juice and water had a tasty little beverage baby and it’s Rethink Water. Marketed to kids, but adult approved.


Vegan? There’s a puff for that. Keto? There’s a puff for that. Here a puff, there a puff, everywhere a puff puff. We couldn’t escape the puffs and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. A few standouts:

Frankies Organic Clouds giving puffs a new spin with sprouted grains (quinoa and rice). Oh and they brand their puffs as clouds. Bob Ross would be proud.

Shrewd Food. Keto puff dispenser? Don’t mind if we do (and we did)!

KunaPops. It’s quinoa cereal, but still puffs in our book.

Peatoes. Peas and lentils replace corn and potatoes with all the cheesy goodness. You know they’re good when you have to wash the hands after.

Honorable Mentions

And these brands are still lingering in our heads.

Do Anything Sauce is made with real, Organic and non-GMO vegetables and should go on everything. Cool idea, even better taste. We love their tagline too: “Eat the rainbow”.

CAULIPOWER. More than pizza, it’s a movement. Finally, a cauliflower crust the whole family (in this case, studio) can agree on.

Petit Pot. Their mission is to bring a delightful blend of age-old French pastry practice to the supermarket- I mean, how can you say no? If you see this in the store, buy it, trust us. Délicieux!

Lastly, but certainly not least-ly, shout out to Alpha Foods for making all of our favorites meatless.

We’ll see you soon, California!
And we’ll miss you the most @packingdistrict for a trendy, casual culinary break.
The Shelf Squad

Alison chases the things she wants most — even if she doesn’t exactly know how to get there. And that’s exactly what brought her to creating SHELF Studio. But let’s go back to the start: It begins with her passion for packaging. "I’m a gift giver, and there is nothing more beautiful to me than a thoughtfully designed package."

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