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Wayne Geyer

Howdy. I’m Wayne Geyer, and I’m the president of the SHELF fan club. The SHELF team understands that great design gets its power from a good story, and that a good story is made even more compelling when it’s delivered in a fabulous package. It all works together — and that’s why I love working with SHELF. I look forward to helping you share your story. When I’m not doing cool stuff with SHELF, I’m working with organization leaders to help them tell their stories. They come to me because they recognize that a good story can impact everything from revenue to recruiting. Together, we figure out what makes their products and services unique — and then we shout that message from the rooftops. Most of my clients hire me on a hunch, because they’ve talked with someone who tells them, “I think Wayne Geyer can help.” So, if you’re thinking, “We need a story,” then you should run with that — and I hope you’ll get in touch.


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