184 Main Street Victoria 8007

Tanya Rosenzweig

I like to help small businesses solve their biggest problems. Whether it’s sales, social reach, or product packaging I believe that a strong identity is where solving any brand’s problems begins. I am a disciple of SHELF Studio having started my design career here and learning from an amazing teacher–SHELF’s Principle and Creative Director, Alison (I call her Ali 😊). From Alison, I learned the ins and outs of branding and strategy to which I caught on quickly because it turns out that I love it! After leaving SHELF I began working with a global ancillary Cannabis company and moved quickly up the ranks to become a marketing VP. In that position, I learned so much about how brand and marketing strategies align, interact and directly impact product sales. I now work on my own as a freelancer and contracted strategic designer/brand specialist performing what I call “Brand CPR” for struggling brands. I love a good rebrand and I really believe that design is for everyone. In the future, I aspire to work on more children’s products because, like the late Whitney Houston (RIP), “I believe the children are our future.” Outside of design I really love art, historical fiction, learning, avocados–I loved them before avocado toast was a thing–my husband, my dogs, my mama, and cute things. #kawaiitillidie


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