Sweet Bandit

Candy So Fun It's On The Run

What we did.

    • Brand Strategy
    • Logo + Identity
    • Tagline
    • Packaging
    • Copywriting
    • Website Design
The Brand Challenge

A new business venture for a family with a legacy of candy making in China. What became known as Sweet Bandit came to us with a few whimsical candies and a big ask. Name the company, create the packaging, tell their story, and develop a marketing strategy. More than we can chew? Nope! And luckily for them, we have a sweet tooth.

Our Approach

We started off with in-store focus groups and market tests with more than 60 kids to gauge what excited them in the candy aisle. We even went beyond that and tracked trends in toys and kids fashion. Then we went to the literal drawing board and created tons of illustration concepts based on themes like space, monsters, shapes, superheroes, and bandits. The final concept was a mishmash of all the things we liked from every category. Because sometimes there doesn’t need to be a ton of overthinking when it comes to branding. Sometimes it’s just what makes you smile. Or makes your mouth water.

  • Logo

  • Logo Process

  • Illustrations

  • Packaging Process

  • Packaging

  • Website Design