Wild Gold

We Harvest. You Win.

What we did.

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The Brand Challenge

Wild Gold came to us wanting to brand and launch a line of equine supplements. They wanted to transform the equine industry standards and create something that was educational and approachable, similar to the pet industry, but our primary challenge was to convey the plant-based nutrition in an industry known for oat and corn based products. But did that stop us? NAY!

Our Approach

While other supplement product families focus on extreme performance, we focused on quality ingredients and their source. From naming to packaging to website, we told the story of the Camelina flower and its traceability and superior nutritional profile. We worked with Clair Thunes, an Equine Nutritionist to determine the winning benefits of camelina oil for Wild Gold’s Human, Equine, and Canine product family. Because at Wild Gold, “We Harvest. You Win.”

Our Teammates

Website Build: Nate Shevlin
Equine Advisor: Angela Brackett
Nutritionist Writer: Clair Thunes
Copywriter: Shandi Crooks

  • Logo

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  • Stationery

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