Tough Mother

Food for the Fight

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The Brand Challenge

Founders Nicole Deninger and Ed Ebert were inspired by folk remedies and the positive effects they experienced specifically from Apple Cider Vinegar. They were on a mission to make raw and pure health tonics available in convenient form. The challenge was introducing a new take on a folk offering to an increasingly competitive health drink category, while also using ACV as a primary ingredient -- which is known for its potency but also for its strong flavor.

Our Approach

We took the idea of needing to be tough to drink their products, and put it in a fun context. We wanted to inspire people to take matters into their own mouths, and that tough love goes a long way. We also wanted the product and story to feel inspired by the two’s shared passion for Martial Arts and Ed’s storied Culinary background and recipe creation. We branded their STEEPT process as well, as it is unique for the space and speaks to their high level of quality standards.

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