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What we did.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo + Identity
  • Logo + Identity
  • Advertising
  • Illustration
  • Clothing
  • Custom Font
  • Video Direction
  • Retail Packaging
  • Expo Booth
  • Website
The Brand Challenge

OATMEGA came to SHELF Studio seeking a brand refresh. Despite remarkably strong sales, their packaging felt too functional and didn’t celebrate the bars’ super tasty ingredients. CEO Trevor Ross was always philanthropic with donating to cancer research, but with the new brand refresh he wanted to build a happier brand. One that combined their enthusiasm for functional nutrition with giving back to the community. Rather than focusing on global issues, he felt passionate about giving back to the local community by donating palettes to local food banks.

Our Approach

GIVE was to be the new name and the new brand mantra. The rebrand shifted the focus from a functional nutrition bar into a “good-for-you snack company” that also does good for your community. We were tasked with rebranding OATMEGA into GIVE over a two year plan, but first we needed to transition the existing OATMEGA brand into the new look and messaging to so as not to lose their current customer base. The OATMEGA personality now feels tasty, energetic, and heartfelt. Giving back never tasted so good.

Our Teammates

Video/Photographer: Arts+Labor
Website Build: SpaceCraft

  • Logo

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  • Logo Process

  • Iconography

  • Brand Process

  • Packaging

  • Website Design

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