WOW POP by Lesser Evil

Food For the Journey

What we did.

  • Strategy
  • Clothing
  • Packaging
  • Expo Booth
  • Website
The Brand Challenge

Snack food is snack food. Unless it’s more. That’s what we thought when heard founder of LesserEvil, Charles Coristine, speak to us. The man was passionate about his company’s mission to raise more than just awareness around their healthy snack foods. He showed us a company that was quirky and full of personality, but a company that was hungry for a belief-based culture.

Our Approach

We explored the vibrant personality of the brand: Who is it? How does she/he behave? Putting LesserEvil into human form made it easy to create a robust brand identity and messaging across marketing materials, including: website, packaging, and an expo booth. Through the process, we also became believers in the company’s mantra: good karma and healthy snacking.

  • Logo

  • Icons

  • Process

  • Packaging

  • Website Design