Kellie’s Baking Co.

Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

What we did.

  • Naming
  • Logo + Identity
  • Packaging
  • Collateral
The Brand Challenge

We’ve all heard this story before: Little bakery wants to take over the world. No? Okay, then we’ll tell you the story. Kellie Moore is the owner of a small, Austin-based startup called Kellie’s Baking Co. and she was looking to gain corporate attention. But she didn’t have the brand presence that would elevate her from a small shop owner to a national retailer. So what’s such a sweet, sweet girl to do?!

Our Approach

We defined a look for Kellie’s Baking Co., based solely around one thing: Kellie herself. She is an intricate part of her own brand (mostly because it’s named after her), so we felt inclined to craft everything around her. The logo, the packaging, the color palette, and the accessories are all Kellie. And it just so happens that Kellie’s new brand looks like a magazine-worthy sweet shop. And we should all take notice.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My company was too bubblegum and wholesale, so my new brand needed to reflect a premium Brand, after meeting with SHELF Studio, I felt confident that they understood my vision. They presented three complete brand options, and I loved all of them. SHELF Studio completely elevated us into a polished and professional company that reflects, premium, tasty and fun. I loved the process and working with the SHELF Studio team!

  • Logo

  • Logo process

  • Stationery

  • Collateral

  • Packaging

  • Collateral

  • Shop Interior