Fork + Taco

Have Fun. Eat Tacos.

What we did.

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The Brand Challenge

What happens when a couple of Austin transplants move to the city and immediately fall in love with it? They open a taco shop, of course! But as anyone could guess, opening a taco restaurant in Austin, Texas is like opening up a pizza joint in Chicago: the competition is fierce. We definitely had our work cut out for us. How could we tell a new story about a business that’s drowning in a sea of similar businesses?

Our Approach

We learned that the founders were fascinated by Austin’s “unexpected combinations.” So we ran with that. In collaboration with co-founders Jeff and Susan McCoy and GALLANT BRANDING, we worked on naming and strategy and then teamed up with Merrilee McGehee for interior design. Then, A Brand Studio designed the menus, packaging, and website — all reflecting the unexpected combinations that make Austin [and the food at Fork + Taco] so special.

Our Teammates

Strategy: Gallant Branding
Copywriters: Susan McCoy, Ryan Rogers
Interior: Merillee McGehee

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  • Website

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