Snack upstream!

What we did.

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The Brand Challenge

It’s not too often a brand comes to us with shelf presence. But Fishpeople is already on Amazon and in a handful of grocery stores across America. But when they showed up on our doorstep, they had a new product with and a new challenge. The company was making salmon jerky – a super unconventional snack that’s high in protein and higher in flavor. So how do you break into the market when you’re breaking all the rules of snacking?

Our Approach

Salmon jerky isn’t the most common snack food. But Fishpeople has a strong, clear position and they know their brand. So we leveraged all their assets to create a new story and a new look for their brand new line of salmon jerky. We made a pop with bold colors and bold language – helping this unusual snack make a major splash.

  • Packaging Process

  • Packaging